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Christmas Tech Gear 2014


Christmas came a little early for me. This year Santa got me a new smartphone with a side of 2 awesome techie smart accessories.

The smartphone I will be sporting now is the mighty Droid Turbo. This beauty has a very detailed body with its ballistic nylon backing and a large 5.2 inch HD display.  This beauty also packs a ton of power having the latest Snapdragon processor for quick and buttery smooth operation. This phone is also build to hold up against daily life elements with its durable gorilla glass 3 screen and its nano water repellent technology. But the Droid Turbos stands above the rest with its superior batter. With the included 3900 mAh battery, this phone should last you all day and night and one more day. That’s right, 48 hour battery life. Not only that, but when you are ready to finally charge your phone, you can use the included turbo charger that can change your phone 50% in 15 minutes!  If that’s not your cup of tea, then just toss it on a wireless charging pad with no additional charging peripherals required. The camera is also no slouch at 20MP with 4k video and slow motion recording. Moto software is also delightful like moto display, where I can see what type of notifications I have without turning my screen on. Moto voice is also fun, I can set a customer phrase that with trigger the google now command so I can tell my phone what to do without even touching or looking at it.  I also got the one with 64.G.Bs. :)

So Much Fun!

I even got a new Bluetooth! And I very much prefer the Bluetooths that wrap around your neck than your traditional fit on or around your ear bluetooths. Mainly because I’ve always had bad luck with regular Bluetooth headsets. They always either got lost or washed. Wrap around neck Bluetooth solved both of these problem and now I just got the latest one out, The LG Tones Infinim.  It sports some of the best sounding ear buds I’ve ever listened to, probably because it has Harman Kardon Signature sound. No more wires getting tangled with the retractable ear buds. Oh and its very sleek design is a plus.

Lastly, I got a watch. The Moto 360. I don’t normally wear watches, but this one made me geek out.  This watch is very stylish and very nerdy at the same time. It rocks android wear, where I can trigger apps and check my notifications on my phone from my wrist. It even tries to get me more active with its built in pedometer and heart rate monitor. One fancy thing I really enjoy is the included wireless charger. It looks really sick. Oh, and dem metal band is so sexies.

I think everyone should go these items right now.

Until something better comes out,
Churavis out.


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